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Every Month Your LeadGrow Account Grows By:

  • 4 New Premium Quality DFY Lead Magnets
  • Battle-Tested And Proven-To-Convert DFY Email Swipe For Solo Ads
  • 4 New Stunning 'Done For You' Landing Pages
  • Fresh DFY Facebook Ads Creatives for Paid Traffic
  • 'Stunning Done For You' Thank You Pages
  • UNLOCK’ 2 Additional Special Features

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Ifiok here again. Congratulations and welcome aboard.

Lead Generation and List Building are the life-line and something that businesses will NEVER have enough of.

And by getting access to LeadGrow today – you have made the smartest decision that will guarantee financial future security for you.

With the UNLIMITED Commercial License included with the special offer, you now have ALL the tools to sell List Building service to UNLIMITED number of customers.

I don’t know if you realize or not… but you are going to be flooded with people asking you to help generate more leads for their business, happily chasing you with whatever price you ask for…

… as a result – You will soon run out of the DFY lead magnets and other pages you got access to.

There will be no other option for you after a while but go to open market… to platforms like Fiverr and UpWork to get more lead magnets made.

​That is the SAME TRAP that we wanted to save you from. The lead magnets you get from such freelancers and agencies are:

Unnecessarily expensive

Of mediocre quality

So, we decided to offer you exclusive services of our team of the same designers, coders and marketers that created the 100 DFY Lead Magnets and pages.

They have been assigned to create fresh supply of these… every month and add it to a LIMITED number of customers. These customers would be a part of an exclusive club. This Membership also ‘Unlocks’ 2 special features of LeadGrow that are NOT available to regular members.


LeadGrow Lead Magnet Club

A Never-Ending Supply Of New DFY Lead Magnets

Meet The Team That Will Work To Create New Funnels For You Every Month

They Will Monitor Changing Market Trends And Create Enticing Lead Generation Assets For You

4 New Premium Quality DFY Lead Magnets

A fresh supply of 4 DFY irresistible products added every month to your LeadGrow account. Never run out of assets to offer as an incentive for users to optin to your lead generation campaigns.

Keep growing your list and that of your clients with fresh leads and active buyers. Going by the average market rate of $50 each, that’s $200 worth of assets already.

4 Stunning DFY Landing Pages and Thank You Pages 

New squeeze pages and thank you pages would be added for you every month. The designers keep using the latest themes in the market so that your pages are dazzling, jaw-dropping and in-line with the trends.

Goes without saying… we would host these for you and provide the option of using our domains so that you save on BIG dollars. Normally these cost a $100 each. Another $400 value added

4 Fresh DFY Facebook Ads Creative for Paid Traffic 

You get access to 4 fresh optimized Facebook ad creatives that you can run every month for Paid traffic to support your FREE viral traffic.

These would cost you a bomb if you were to hire an Ad Agency to do this for you. We researched… 4 such Pro level Ad Creatives will cost you anywhere between $150-$200 a pop. Going by the lower amount would leak your overall profits by $600 every month.

4 Battle-tested and proven-to-convert DFY Email Swipe For Solo Ads 

Marketers keep using the same email templates… foolishly expecting different results. Our professional copywriters constantly think of Out-Of-The-Box ways to come up with different angles to write high-converting email for you to use.

They will write and 4 of these to your account – always experimenting and testing to get you high-conversions.


Unlock 2 ‘Special Features’

Add An UNLIMITED Number Of Visitors As Subscribers To Your Lists

Yes, unlike regular LeadGrow members,

 you’d have no limits to the number of visitors you can add as subscribers to your list.

This means there’s no cap on the kind of profits you can make with LeadGrow.

This is awesome for power users and PRO LEVEL marketers (even if you’re aspiring to be one).

You keep growing your list manifold every month and keep pitching to your list for massive profits. Another way of making HUGE money is to sell these lists or lease them out at a recurring price.

Of course, you can make tons of money by pitching affiliate products and earning awesome commissions, featuring regularly on leaderboards and scoring cash prizes every time you promote an offer.

Add People To Your List With Just 1-Click Optin Link 

The fewer hoops people have to jump through to get added to your list – the better your conversions.

With the rapidly decreasing attention-spans and patience levels declining so fast – everyone wants everything done yesterday. In such a scenario – the more steps you put in place lessens the chances of you scoring.

As a LeadGrow Lead Magnet Club member – you can now add people to your list with just 1-Click Optin Links.

It can’t get any easier and faster than that.

Case 1 : Without Optin Link

Case 2 : With Optin Link HACK

You share your viral post on social media. 100 prospects click it. You bypass the squeeze page and direct them straight to the thank you page. More than 70 of them will proceed. And Guess what? 

You capture their BEST EMAIL ADDRESS. The email address tied to their social media account.

This simple hack will deliver 3x more leads... not just more leads, but better quality leads.... And it takes less than 60 seconds to set this up forany of your leadgrow campaigns.

Let’s Now Hear What Existing LeadGrow Customers Are Saying…

The Optin Link Tripled My Conversion

When I activated the optin link... the number of leads I was getting in a day almost tripled. That was how I was able to get to 11k leads in a 16 days. The optin link by passes the squeeze page. I created optin links and shared them on social media. Any one that clicks on them is captured and added to my list. Amazing

Steve Tari

With the optin link, no more fake emails

In the paste I had this issue with users using fake and dummy email to receive the lead magnets. A lot of bounced emails from my previous list building campaigns. BUT this problem has been solved by the optin link feature. Now I get not just more leads, but also high quality leads - their best email address.

Gbenebara Emmanuel

​This is the best review access I have received this year. I love your products, but this one is absolutely ground breaking.

Thanks for the opportunity to beta test this. I will be the first to buy when you launch. It works as described and this is the first time I was able to see results within 24 hours.

Anne Sutherland

You guys killed it. I love this your software (leadgrow). 5 millions hugs and kisses to your team for this invention. I doubled my list in a few days. 

I love this. I showed it to my grand daughter and she loves it too. Also I love the part that you don't need to have an autoresponder to get started. WOW!

Bob Schmidlii

​I have struggled in the past to build my list. I have tried several methods... they all suck. I almost let the offer slide, but goodness lord I got it after some hestiation and double checking the refund policy with the team.


Thanks to leadgrow I have finally started seeing results. 320 leads so far. Can't wait to scale this up. Expect my testimonial when I get to 10k.

Fred Heinrich

Let’s Recap The Benefits And Their Value You’d Be Getting EVERY MONTH When You Join The Club

  • 4 new Premium Quality DFY Lead Magnets - $200
  • 4 stunning DFY Landing Pages and Thank You Pages - $400
  • 4 stunning DFY Landing Pages and Thank You Pages - $400
  • 4 stunning DFY Landing Pages and Thank You Pages - $400
  • 4 fresh DFY Facebook Ads Creative for Paid Traffic - $600
  • 4 battle-tested and proven-to-convert DFY Email Swipe For Solo Ads - $400
  • Add an UNLIMITED Number Of Visitors - $997
  • Add People With Just 1-Click Optin Link - $297

That’s Total Value of $2,894 every month.

What Happens If You Let This Opportunity Pass…

Scenario 1: You end up buying really badly designed magnets and pages from Fiverr, UpWork and other such platforms. It’s a bad idea as we showed you here above. Also, if you think good designs are expensive and cost a lot of money, remember – bad designs can cost you your business.

Scenario 2: Once this special launch is over… we are going to integrate within a year a store that you can access from your dashboard. Here you will be able to buy these Premium Quality Lead Magnets starting from $199 a pop… all the way to $1,997.

We are going to give a gap of a year to do that so that the Lead Magnet Club members can make a return on their investment as a reward for taking action today… using these ‘Club member exclusive magnets’.

Upgrade Now & Get Instant Access To  LeadGrow Club

List Grow Club + Pro Features - Monthly

ListGrow - Template Club + Pro Features - Monthly

List Grow Club + Pro Features - Yearly

ListGrow - Template Club + Pro Features - Yearly

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